Discover your bias

We equip communities like yours with the tools to be      more equitable long-term

DEI Services

Your WorkPlace

has committed to diversity but you lose a diverse hire as soon as you gain one

has ideas about DEI but lack the metrics to track and create lasting change

Your Community

wants to learn more but doesn’t have a safe space to discuss prejudice

has tried DEI programs but participants leave more confused than before


want productive conversations about bias but don’t know where to start

want to understand your biases better but it’s frustratingly and time-consuming


DEI Risk Assesment

Assess your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion condition via data analytics

Download Top 5 DEI Mistakes

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Under Construction

Bias Analysis

Understand your interactions within diverse communities via a personalized report

Download Bias Tech Sneak Peak

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Equity Workshop

Equip your community with the tools to be more equitable, learn the logic of equity

Download Equity Workshop Outline

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