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Defining Racism

Racism = power + prejudice.

Racial prejudice does not = racism. Download for a great introduction to the nuances of racism.

Holding Biased
People Accountable

Be explicit!¬† Attribute biased behaviors to specific actions and behaviors. “You’re sexist” may not be helping you or them.


Learn what a microaggression is. Download a great overview of how microaggressions show up in everyday life.

Gender Inequity
at Work

Gender discrimination in HR-related decision-making stems from gender inequalities in broader organizational design.

Safe Space Kit
LGBTQ+ Youth

Download a guide to Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender students – it’s great for workplaces too!

Covid-19 and
Gender Equity

Learn about the effects the coronavirus pandemic has had, and may have, on gender equity issues in organizations and society


Measuring discrimination is tricky, we measure discrimination by outcome disparity. Download to Ch. 5 to learn why.


The fear of being a stereotype is making you more likely to fail. Research suggests that fear of being racist or sexist causes harm.

Costs of Racial

Explore how a narrative of naturally progressing racial progress leads organizations to DEI failure.

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